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We work directly on the field supporting the Science, Technology and Innovation System of Extremadura with a focus on the new trends and strategies that are being developed in Europe. To do so, we offer the following services aimed at the Innovation System, Companies present at the Park and Entrepreneurs:

Innovation System
  • Guidance on R&D+i projects
  • Technology diagnosis / audits
  • Transfer of technology
  • Technology supply/demand matching system
  • Partners search for R&D+i projects
  • Innovation events
  • Investment forums
  • Social Network of Innovators
  • Virtual Catalogue of players
  • International cooperation
  • Preferential access to specific training
  • Preferential access to infrastructure

Park Companies

  • Services provided to the entire the Innovation System
  • General services
  • Control and security
  • Maintenance of facilities and common areas
  • Voice and data connection
  • Access and rental of common infrastructures: training rooms, laboratories and meeting rooms for conferences and congresses
  • Waste collection


  • Services of the innovation circles and the park
  • Reception and incorporation of companies
  • Guidance for the creation of new companies
    • (idea – team – business model – project – company)
  • Development of the entrepreneurial profile
  • Specific training for innovation companies
  • Support and guidance to companies for their business expansion, as well as for the development of new lines of business.
  • Promotion of the Companies products and services
  • Business meetings for marketing, strategic alliances, internationalisation and funding
  • Acceleration of innovation companies.
  • HR: employment centres, training and support for the management of highly qualified teams.

Programme to attract innovative companies

This activity consists in the implementation, development and attraction of science, technology and innovation based business initiatives. The overall goals of this programme are as follows:

  • To ensure that the companies and research groups cooperate for the generation of a joint offering of products and services which are attractive to companies outside Extremadura, in order to establish stable relations with them which would increase competitiveness of both parties and links the latter to the region.
  • To ensure that, as a result of relationship with local businesses and groups or the development of the resources and capacities of Extremadura for the most innovative companies, so that they perceive the region as an area of opportunity to develop their activities and decide to establish themselves here.